TOP 100 Dumb Ways to Die in RDR2

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This is the LoL Videos' Funny Red Dead Redemption 2 Funny Moments & Fails video. In this video, you can watch funny fails & moments in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and Red Dead Online (RDO). Red Dead Redemption 2 Funny Fails & Moments is my longest series on YouTube. I made more than 75 videos about Red Dead Redemption 2. I made several Funny Fails & Moments in Red Dead Redemption 2, Brutal Deaths, Kills, Moments in RDR2, Funniest Fails in RDR2 and Instant Karmas in RDO videos.
In this Funny Red Dead Redemption 2 Moments Compilation video, I used more than 7 songs and more than 15 sound effects. I have permission to use these Red Dead 2 clips and songs, sound effects each. To make this video took me 3 days. The editing and making the thumbnail about Red Dead Redemption 2 Fails & Funnies. I hope you will enjoy my Red Dead Redemption 2 FAIL Compilation.
And the question: have you ever tried Red Dead 2 (RDR 2)?
And do you enjoy my Funny RDR2 Moments Compilation? LoLVideos video.

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